1) What is Wallet video?

Its a Marketing Company which give the platform for the Vendors to Market there Product by Generate Traffic on the Videos and Allowing Vendor companies to put the Ad on the video with maximum Traffic 

2) what are the earning opportunity with WV?

Its a media World, Now everything has become small and fast, If anything is slow then it would be replaced. Similarly the Vendor will put his Product AD only on the video which has maximum traffic which is our earning Policy. So if the Vendor need is our earning then there is no Ending Opportunity 

3) is user has to pay application fee compulsory to earn from WV? if yes then why?

Yes it is. 
We have installed no of license Application and we need to also run the show for lifetime so it is compulsory so that the video BO and the maintenance target is covered so that the process never ends 

4) how long a user can earn from WV?

5) how much can earn a user in a month?
Depending on the No of Hrs he give on the website

6) What are the video category are included?
All kinds. Currently the target is Just informational Videos, So that the website generate traffic. Slow we would move to marketing video directly 

7) Is there any illegals contain or objectionable content in a video?

8) is there any age limit to take subscription?
According to Law it is 18 years

9) is there any TAT are included in work (life time means - 14 years or till end of his life)
till end of his life

10) what is the payment guaranty from client?
We would give you agreement security 

11) why should company pay for a just watching a video?
In total World TRP or Media Marketing Carry 33% expense in business turnover. Everyone need the platform to market where it is Android Application, Blog, Facebook, twitter or Video. Everyone need to make it product famous. More Client more earning simple and the easiest method to reach client is Online now. Every think on World Market.

12) is my referral earning will be included in total earning?

13) is there any agreement between client and user?

14) on which condition my ID will be terminated by company?

15) Is my Application fee is refundable or not at any point?

16) Where is the main source of a work come from?
Accept Studio

17) What if Company stops giving work ?

Company would refund your application fees 100% within 7 working days and it would be mentioned in the contract as well